I would say generally my style is a combination of edge with a bohemian-chic and laidback sensibility. Comfort is of the utmost importance! I have to be comfortable, and I have to feel like me. I love layering, accessorizing, and mixing high-end with budget friendly items. It all started on Instagram – I started posting mirror #ootds and lots of #armcandy shots just because I have always had a love for fashion and photography. I naturally started to get a following and got lots of requests to start a blog. Honestly, I never even read a blog post before I started mine in 2014. It was just a hobby and I never imagined it to become what is now… and I still have so much room to grow! 



  1. Świetne!

    Zapraszam do mnie. Będzie mi bardzo miło, jeżeli zostawisz po sobie ślad w postaci obserwacji oraz komentarza. ☺ (click)

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